The Redding Rancheria offers a part-day Native American Head Start program to eligible children in our Children’s Center at 1950 Redding Rancheria Road. Head Start is a federally funded program and has strict eligibility requirements, with Native Americans, special needs and low income children having priority, four year old have priority over three year old.

Senior Nutrition

The Redding Rancheria Title VI Senior Nutrition Program is funded by a grant from the Federal Agency on Aging. The program offers socialization, transportation and free meals in a congregate setting and provides valuable information for services that are available within the community to eligible elders. 

Churn Creek & Recovery Center

 Churn Creek Health Care is a state-of-the-art primary and urgent care facility that specializes in providing high quality medical care to our patients and their families in a prompt and professional manner. We treat a broad range of ailments, conditions, and minor emergencies from broken bones to sinus infections, and conduct a variety of screenings, lab work, and diagnostic testing. 

Redding Rancheria-Proud to play our part

One SAFE Place provides legal services, safety, and emotional support to intimate partners, children, and seniors affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Redding Rancheria is an active community partner for One Safe Place.